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We are delighted to be offering for sale these laser-cut oak veneer crosses of the URC logo. First produced for Kevin Watson and Alan Yates, the 2016-18 Moderators of General Assembly, the crosses have been much admired – and requested – across the denomination and now you can own one too!

Alan Yates says: ‘One of the things I really like about them is that are produced using high-tech methods, yet are crafted from one of our oldest materials – representing the alpha and omega of our cross.’

Kevin Watson adds: “I have always been worried about reducing the cross to a piece of jewellery, but here is one that looks as though it is a cross on which Jesus could have been crucified upon, and so is a powerful symbol of God’s love.”

Each cross is drilled with a small hole to allow it to be worn around the neck, and comes threaded with 100cm of dark leather thonging for the wearer to tie at the required length.