Transgender. Christian. Human.


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URC Minister Alex Clare-Young serves with the North Yorkshire Coast Pastorate and Churspacious, an online group where all are welcome. Alex is an advocate with, and for people, who identify as trans and/or non-binary. Their first book, ‘Transgender. Christian. Human.’ is published by Wild Goose Books and is the story of Alex’s life as a transgender child and adult.

“I believe that we are called to live in relationship and continual, open conversation not only with those who mirror us but also with those who are other to us. As a trans person, I have experienced that call as both blessing and curse; both injury and cure. I have lived through the pain of feeling that there is no one quite like me and I have lived in the joy of sharing differences and similarities with those who are open to talk about their amazingly diverse life stories.”

Parts of this book are incredibly sad, others are full of joy, some are even funny. The book includes resources and activities to encourage individuals and groups to explore the subject.

Alex lives in Scarborough with their partner Jo and two dogs.