The 2021 URC Prayer Handbook – Conversations


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Edited by Karen Campbell and the Revd Ian Fosten.

Someone was once described as: “only ever on broadcast, never on receive”. That expression might describe how we often experience prayer. Prayers, particularly in church services, are spoken, offered, ‘broadcast’, often without a response being sought, or expected! We are certain, however, that prayer is meant to be rather more interactive than this. ‘Conversational’; us speaking with God.

We are seeking to express the deep truth that God, who is made known in Jesus, invites us into an active relationship. That relationship, like any other, is discovered and deepened when it is enriched through honest giving and receiving, speaking and listening.

This year’s Prayer Handbook comes in two sections. The first follows the pattern of linking a prayer to one or more of the set lectionary readings for particular days throughout the year.

For the second section, we invited contributions which arose out of the writers’ personal experiences of conversing with God – the everyday and extraordinary situations in which we are moved to say ‘Sorry!’, ‘Help!’ or ‘Thank You!’, along with the issues which give rise to deep reflection, or to respond to God’s voice as heard through the scriptures and the world.