Free Theos report – The URC: A paradoxical Church at a crossroads


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In 2022, Theos and the United Reformed Church (URC) entered into a partnership to undertake an in-depth study. The URC was seeking ways to listen attentively to the lived reality of the church at local level.

A key question was: “What does it look like when local URCs flourish?” The follow-up question to this was: “What do local churches need from the wider church to enable flourishing?” For the URC, there was a desire to see itself as others might see it, and the project has been an opportunity to reflect on the voices of those deeply immersed in the daily life of the church, especially at a local level.

The hope is that this report will help inform and shape its discernment of how its resources are best used to enable local flourishing.

Theos is the UK’s leading religion and society think tank. It has a broad Christian basis and exists to enrich the conversation about the role of faith in society through research, events, and media commentary.


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