Nobunto handmade and decorated fairtrade candles – Zahabu, various sizes

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Zahabu means the golden one and we have two sizes of candles from fairtrade supplier Nobunto: the large candle (NOB022 – 12cm tall x 7cm wide) and the pack of three tall candles (NOB023 – 24cm tall x 2.5cm wide). See the photos for the colours and styles.

Nobunto Candles is based in South Africa. Dignity and pride are the qualities which Nobunto tries to instill in its workers. The suppression of human rights can still be seen today in South Africa. At Nobunto, the entire production process is in the hands of a small team of artisans, giving them increasing self-confidence and allowing some wonderful creative initiatives to occur. In the words of an old South African proverb, “the absence of the chief increases respect”. The artisans have security and a feeling of responsibility for the direction of their futures.

Nobunto Candles is yearly certified under the Swiss Fair Trade certifier Fair For Life.

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